Copyright © Griddlebone’s Cattery 2012 We have kittens !!!  From time to time we have kittens. For the moment all kittens are avaliable. All kittens will go to their new home after they wiil be 15-16 weeks old. For more informations and details about the kittens  please contact us by email or phone. Archie is a happy and playful cat. He is the alpha male of the cattery. When he was young he was like quicksilver, he was everywhere and he put his nose in everything. You could not do anything without him. Always playing with other cats he stopped playing late at night when he came to sleep on one of us. He is always looking for love and he is entirely devoted to his owner. Time passed and the small kitten turned into a splendid playful cat, sturdy, wiry and full of life. He remained the same spoiled cat and as a bonus he gained the strength and stature of a true alpha male. In time he has transfomed and got a great expression which allows him to express very suggestive his feelings. Despite appearances, he was, is and will remain an incurable curious always searching for something new. We love him very much and we consider him the most beautiful cat in the world. Barbarossa is our first cat. I bought him to replace the void left by transcendent being of our beloved cat Mona. We spoile him very much and we call him Moata !! Moata is a very shy, timid and shameful cat but he is also very gentle and kind and very loving. He is not very playful but gets along well with all our cats including small babies witch is very carefully with. Although it is castrated he is still a great courtier, with a full label and he does his work by the book. He is always present in debt and is very proud of how he does his job. Although as a kitten he was sickly, after appropriate treatment he recovered and became in time a sturdy, wiry and full of life cat. He is always looking for a better place to rest or play and when he is in the mood he comes and swings like a little playful kitten (but only when he is in the mood !!!). We love him and we spoile him a lot and we consider him the best cat in the world !!!