Copyright © Griddlebone’s Cattery 2012 We have kittens !!!  From time to time we have kittens. For the moment all kittens are avaliable. All kittens will go to their new home after they wiil be 15-16 weeks old. For more informations and details about the kittens  please contact us by email or phone.         Request for kittens First of all, we would like to thank you for the interest you show for our cattery. If you decide to contact us for a kitten, please give us some informations about you: 1. How do you live in present (in a house, appartament, closed/opened area, do you have children) ? 2. Do you have other animals in the house? 3. Do you want a breeding quality kitten? Or do you want a kitten as a pet? 4. Dream kitten : boy? girl? what colour? And some suplementary questions for all the breeders interested in our kittens: 1. Do you have an website? 2. Are you a member of a club? Wich one? As every breeder who loves his cats, we also have some important rules, that the new owner should know: 1. All our kittens will live to their new homes only after they will be minimum 14 weeks old, when their immunity will be stronger. 2. All our kittens that will leave to their new owners will be free of parasites, vaccinated polivalent and antirabies, they will have microcip, FIFE pedigree, EU passport, and a health certificate from our veterinarian. Also they will have the transfer paper. We offer to our cats only premiun dry and canned food, and 3 times a week they receive raw or boiled meat ( chicken or beef). We reccomend to the new owners to do the same, because only in this way their cats will be healthy and will have a wonderful coat, and the most important, their cats will be happy!