Copyright © Griddlebone’s Cattery 2012 We have kittens !!!  From time to time we have kittens. For the moment all kittens are avaliable. All kittens will go to their new home after they wiil be 15-16 weeks old. For more informations and details about the kittens  please contact us by email or phone. Zina Clara Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Zina Zina Zina Zina Zina Zina Clara Clara Clara Clara     Clara is definitely the alpha cat in our cattery. Although she is not very large, she has a very strong personality and always get what she wants. She is not very tender, even a little distant I can say, but when she wants to be loved and spoiled she just forces you to give her what she wants. With her ​​piercing eyes and an enviable agility she is always alert and carefully follows what is happening around her. Is not at all shy and in any dispute she imposes her point of view!       Zina is a very beautiful girl, intelligent and delicate. She has a very expressive and penetra- ting look, with superb eyes that are watching you permanently. She is permanently in search of love and if she can she takes you over completely. Even if she doesnt look she is very shy but her shyness is often defeated by an unusual curiosity. In general she is very sociable and she avoids direct confrontations but if it is necessary she knows how to impose her point of view! She is a wonderful cat and she is very good friend with all our other cats. She takes good care of the little ones and she plays with them all day long. She will be a wonderfull mother !      Lollipop has a long strong slender body of medium size with a long bushy tail.. She has big ears, big bright eyes and a perfect profile with a very good chin. Muzzle is long and very strong, so overall she is a perfect cat. She is a very demanding cat in her hart. She is quite clearly an example of why we call the Maine Coon cats as dogs. She will be anywhere her owner is involved in, from sleeping in someone's arms (her passion), to cooking, cleaning and laundry and she can be to annoying for her owner sometimes. She loves her owner to run after her and play with her but if you shut her out from a room or walk away from her, she cries completely inconsolable and calls her owner back. She plays a lot with our youngsters and afterall, she is for me the world's most beautiful cat.