Copyright © Griddlebone’s Cattery 2012 We have kittens !!!  From time to time we have kittens. For the moment all kittens are avaliable. All kittens will go to their new home after they wiil be 15-16 weeks old. For more informations and details about the kittens  please contact us by email or phone. Benjamin Clara Mandri parinti: Charmant Chatte Clara (HU)     CH Ashabelle Benjamin (Pl) Cuibul ,,A"  naascut in data de 10.08.2011 Legenda: Free:         Acest pisoi este liber si isi cauta o casa noua. Option:     Cineva este interesat de acest pisoi dar nu a fost depus nici un avans. Daca sunteti interesat de acest pisoi, intrebati-ne !! Reserved: Pentru acest pisoi s-a depus un avans. Sold:         Acest pisoi a fost platit integral si are deja o casa noua. Mandri parinti: Benjamin G.I.C. Zina Grand International Champion HU*Charmant Chatte Zina CH Ashabelle Benjamin (Pl) Cuibul ,,B":  nascut in data de 20.02.2012 Alissya  Augustus  Armand  NUME                  CULOARE                     SEX       STATUS mascul  mascul  femela  Sold  Sold   Free  Black blotched tabby  Silver mackerel tabby  Black mackerel tabby NUME                  CULOARE                     SEX       STATUS Betty Bonnie femela femela Sold Free